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We offer any type of pool or spa pump, residential or commercial.

We are energy efficiency specialists and offer energy star certified products.
Find out more about our solutions that will help you reduce your pool electricity consumption by up to 80% or up to $ 600 per year!

Come see our ultra silent and energetic pump in demonstration in store.


chauffe piscine nirvanaPOOL HEATER OR HEAT PUMP


At Piscine Aide , we believe that the best way to heat a swimming pool is a heat pump.

They are economic and are now producing a coefficient up to 7 ! , That is to say that for one dollar of electricity you get the equivalent of $ 7 heat .

The gas water heater are very performing but are very inefficient , they can consume up to ten times more.

Solar water heater , although their heat is free, they are inefficient and obviously produce no heat in the absence of the sun, which does not extend a swimming season , only to have warmer water when it is already hot .

In addition, this system requires a higher power pump , so an additional electricity cost for this pump.

We consider this type of heating as an adjunct only.

Note that if a heat pump is combined with a variable speed pump , the total electricity consumption is generally lower than the total of the solar system , saving up to $ 200 per year !

We offer most brands of pool heaters .

Nirvana , Pentair , Hayward , Summit, TTI , Aquacal , Rheem / Raypak .

Beware of Chinese-made heat pumps offered by American or Canadian manufacturers , their quality and sustainability are not up to it!



IntelliChlorSalt systems are attractive because they facilitate the maintenance of your water and provide greater comfort for bathing.

You get a mix of easy production control and avoid handling corrosive chemicals.

When properly controlled , the salt system will ask for a minimum of work to maintain the quality of your pool water . Balance tour water at the beginning of the season and it will dice very low during the season


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It is now possible to combine these systems with automation systems.
You will therefore be possible from one place, internet or by smart phone to control heater, chemical, valves, light, your yard, even a camera and sound system!
Learn about our different options..

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